Monday, August 29, 2011

The Crash

I didn't update my blog for days bcoz my system is crash or i should say "broke down". I dun think i'm having any problem with the software. But im suspecting the motherboard or HDD to give me a trouble now. With bad internet network, no PC, bad network coverage for phone, my life here in Bukit Antarabangsa is so bored. I cant wait to go back to my hometown tonight.

A lot of thing happened during these few days. Especially with my Mr. Sayang. Apparently, he didnt give up yet asking me to find a replacement, for my "happiness". But dont worry sayang, i knw u just say it and did not really mean it. So, i won't find anyone to take ur place in my heart. How do i know that u dun really mean it? Coz u show me how jealous u are when i'm informed u that i am in Farah's house, which means i'm in his bf's house just to having some rest for 1 or 2 hours before iftar. But its ok, i love it when u r jealous. Its means that u r still loving me.

Our memories keep coming to my mind. Especially the memories of our last meeting. I am really regretting for didn't give u my all on that day. I didn't expect that July 21 is gonna be our last time together. If i knw it, i won't let u go that easy on that day. And as u knw, i refused to say good bye to u bcoz im hoping for that day not to become our last. And for now, even i can't greet u "Good Morning", "Good Evening" or "Good Night" everyday, i still can't say "Good Bye" to u.

Sayang, u know that i'm willing to do anything as long as its for you. You can ask me to do anything, I'll do it even it will hurt me. You can ask me to wait for u forever, i dun mind. BUT pls, dun ask me to stop loving u, replace u or stop contacting u. I will never stop doing all those thing. U r my drugs. I'm addicted to u. So, it is kinda hard for me to survive without u. I am OK, i'm still strong as long as i knw that i'm still loving u and u r still there for me, even u r 10k miles away from me.

So Sayang, hope u r understand how strong is my feeling towards u. And those feeling will grow more and never decreased. Pls hold to our promise, that u gonna let me know if u have someone else over there, wife or gf. I will understand it but i will keep loving u and be your friend. Till then, let us love each other and stop asking for someone else. I LOVE YOU!

Loving You,
Cik Meow (Mrs. MS)

P/s my computer is down :( ..but i will call u tonight! :)

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